Toujours moins.

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Reality is for people who can't handle drugs. Clément, 22, Shanghai. Twitter : @lemechu


by Ruven Afanado

My final BFA project Artificial Utopias is up at MCAD until May 4th! 

A homeless man who spends his days and nights wandering the streets of Ningbo, Zhejiang province, has almost gained star status, thanks to his “good looks and sharp dress sense”. A growing number of Internet users are tracking the whereabouts of the still unidentified man, whose “fans” have nicknamed him Brother Sharp (犀利哥). He is one of the most talked about personalities in Chinese cyberspace today. Several netizens have dubbed Brother Sharp as the “most handsome underdog of this century”

I have definitely always wanted to live in an apartment like Roger from 101 Dalmatians.